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Who the Heck Are You?

Updated: May 14, 2018

Let us tell you a little about ourselves. We are dreamers, designers, woodworkers, philanthropists and purposeful builders who have created a vision, and a hope to elevate the art of building and the practices in which we can sustain our communities. Our mission statement “Building the future, Restoring the past” are our roots. The future is what lies ahead. The past provides us the opportunity to grow into our future. Our purpose is to create living and work environment’s that are sustainable both for the environment and the soul. Our core values sustain our mission, and fuel our purpose. They are:

1. Integrity – We are committed to being open, honest, kind and ethical at all times.

2. Leadership- we are striving to be the best leaders we can be, greatness is not enough exceptional is the goal.

3. Community- We are committed to the improvement and sustainability of the people and the community that surrounds us. The greater our success the more we can give back.

4. Risk- If you don’t take it, you will always work for someone who does. We encourage ourselves and those around us to take their risks, live their dreams and see what may become.

5. Education- We are constantly seeking diverse perspectives. Every opportunity to learn is a chance to grow.

6. Hard work (Grit)- Probably the least glamorous of them all, we do it and expect nothing short of it. No excuses. Get up, show up and give it your all.

So that is who we are! Want to learn more? Contact us at

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